Construction of an Ion-Selective Eelectrode for Determination of permanganate Ion

Document Type : Research Paper


A PVC ion-selective membrane electrode based on Cd-tetraphenyl porphyrine as a carrier was prepared for
determination of MnO4
- ion. This electrode revealed good selectivity toward permanganate ion over a wide
variety of anions. Effects of some experimental parameters such as nature of the plasticizer, the amounts of
carrier and additive, and concentration of the internal solution on the potential response of the proposed sensor
were investigated. The electrode exhibited a sub-Nernstian slope of 51.0±1.0 mV per decade for MnO4
- over a
concentration range of 3.3×10-6-7.5×10-2 M in the pH range 5.0-10.0. The detection limit and response time of
the electrode were 1.7×10-6 M and 14 s, respectively. The electrode can be used within 3 days without any
considerable divergence in its potential. This electrode was successfully employed for indirect determination
of Mn(II).