Ion-Selective Carbon Paste Electrode Based on 2-Amino-N-benzthioazolyl Benzamide (ABTB) for Determination of Copper (II) by Potentiometric Method

Document Type : Research Paper


2-Amino-N-benzthioazolyl benzamide (ABTB) was synthesized, characterized and used for the
fabrication of a potentiometric sensor for Cu2+ metal ions. The electrode exhibits linear response to Cu
(II) over a wide concentration range (4.79×10 -8 – 1.85×10 -1 M) with Nernstian slope of 30 ± 1.5 mV
per decade. The electrode can be used in the pH range from 2 to 9. It has a fast response time of about
10 s and can be used for a period of four months with good reproducibility. The detection limit of this
electrode was 2.91×10 - 8 M. The proposed electrode shows a very good selectivity for Cu (II) over a
wide variety of metal ions. This chemically modified carbon paste electrode was successfully used for
the determination of Cu (II) in electronics waste sample solution.